Welcome to Shiney Independent. I offer custom screen printing to local retail businesses at wholesale pricing.
Starting off I would like to introduce the business as it stands today. Everything that is here is done by myself, Justin Shiney. My goal as a business owner is to offer top quality screen printed goods, keep them reasonably priced, and make the ordering process as easy as possible for my customers.
I am a very open minded printer, willing to tackle any random printing jobs you can come up with.
Located in the heart of North Lawrence there is no need for suits and ties. Just bring your casual self and lets make some beautiful work.


North Lawrence

Where do you live?

John Brown plates

For sale locally at the Merc and Framewoods downtown!
or you can just call me. but these are sweet. I thought "if I could have a Lawrence plate for my car what would I want on it?"
and John Brown was number one!


Heavy Metal

Its Alive!
This old piece has been in pieces for probably 25 years, and now its back in action once again! Recently passed down from my Dad this Reliance paper cutter had been collecting rust in our driveway for many of years. Thankfully they made things to last back then and WD-40 is like a God to rusty iron.
And I must thank my Dad and all my friends who helped with this project.
It wasn't easy to get to this point by any means. If I had it to do over I might have junked the thing!



These are a couple of works I did for my Wife's massage therapy studio. With all the renovations we did with their new space I was able to squeeze some printing into the wood work. This thresh hold was done by cutting leftover bamboo flooring into 2" squares and creating this tile pattern. I was then able to print it with their logo and apply a printed urethane coating for protection. This was all done in my shop before installation. Then using liquid nails for the base and tile caulk I pieced it all together.

Another work in progress is the signage for the place. This interior door is simply done with a preprinted piece of clear vinyl. I'll be working on another for the front of the building when it warms up a little.

For a massage, my lovely wife Georgia can be contacted at 785.832.1720. Please leave a message. or visit www.kinetikos.net


Alternative Apparel Tees

Leo models a super sexy soft Alternative Apparel shirt with his favorite tree..
These shirts are a must have for babies and kids, they're so comfy! And organic!


Leonidas Henry!

Shiney Baby Leo has arrived! He will be modeling all the upcoming Shiney Baby apparel. Available for online sales at justinshiney.etsy.com! So stoked to have such an awesome little dude as part of the clan...