Welcome to Shiney Independent. I offer custom screen printing to local retail businesses at wholesale pricing.
Starting off I would like to introduce the business as it stands today. Everything that is here is done by myself, Justin Shiney. My goal as a business owner is to offer top quality screen printed goods, keep them reasonably priced, and make the ordering process as easy as possible for my customers.
I am a very open minded printer, willing to tackle any random printing jobs you can come up with.
Located in the heart of North Lawrence there is no need for suits and ties. Just bring your casual self and lets make some beautiful work.


Hot off the press! This is the second Shiney shirt I've done. This time around I made a few extras though.
The sunrise was a photo taken from the car while driving through the flint hills on our way home from Kechi at 6 am. The background birds and light pole were from an old photo I took on pier in Norway in '04.


Thank God for snow days

If it wasn't for all the unusual snow this year I don't think I would have got this project put together. And once again its snowing today so here I am writing about it.
Everything I'm working on in my spare time around here ends up here. For those of you who like seeing my work please check it out. Its the only place I will ever have stuff for sale online probably.
Currently I'm showing baby and toddler clothes, license plates, and wood prints. If this snow keeps up, there will be more...


Banners Iike you've never seen before.

This is a project I started a while back to try and offer a sustainable answer to the thick plastic traditional banner. I'm printing recycled canvas with a waterbased, "environmentally friendly" ink. These banners are actually pretty sweet considering they roll up nicely, and have a good weight to them to avoid blowing in the wind. They've been a hit with student groups in the past. I am limiting them to a 2'x3' size at this point though. I have done larger in the past but its more trouble for my little shop than its worth it seems. Depending on art you might be able to talk me into a larger one if it isn't to complex.

Bumper Stickers

Stickers are all printed on vinyl with quality inks that are fade resistant and weather proof. All vinyl starts out white, but background colors can be easily printed. At this time I am only capable doing square and rectangular shapes, I have not explored the die-cut world yet. Stickers are priced by the square inch.
For one color they start at $0.03 per sq inch and there is a $50 minimum.

Skate and Destroy

Skateboards. They're sick. Fun. and Dangerous. And I'll print them for you. I don't have too much to add to this, but the minimum order is 50. For a list of sizes and shapes email me. And full tip to tail graphics can't be done anymore. I have to limit printing to the area between the trucks, and under the trucks.

About Ordering Shirts

My all time favorite to print. Available in all colors of the rainbow (and then some), as well as many different types of ink. If you looking for pricing please send your image or a rough idea and the type of shirts you are wanting for a quote. I don't like to post prices due to continual changes in garment prices, and there are just too many options available. Here are some steps to help organize your order to make things easier for us both...

Step 1: Choose a Garment.
I have my Favorites, and heres why:
Gildan- my standard go to for a reasonably priced well made shirt
Anvil- offers organic and recycled Ts for a couple bucks more.
Canvas- they do mens clothes, and they're really comfortable, and not too expensive.
They also offer nice thermals as well as organics and comfy hoodies.
Bella- for the ladies, all kinds of fitted shirts and tanks and that stuff for a very decent price.

numerous colors and styles to choose from, so just call me and I'll hook you up with all that.

Step 2: Know how many you want.
Quantity is key in quoting a job so have a good idea of how many items your needing before you call.

Step 3: Submitting artwork.
As far as this goes its all up to you. I can take art in many forms. Scribbles on a napkin are my favorite to work from, but if you have a high tech vector file or somthing that works too. If all you have is an original drawing or photo I can work from that easily. otherwise emailing art over works even better, JPG, PDF, EPS, AI, just send it.

Step 4: Ink colors.
Black and White are easy. But if you aren't picky about everything else and trust me I'll match your art file as close as possible. The other option is choosing colors from the Pantone Matching System book. These can all be mixed but for an additional cost. I would much rather eyeball every thing than get out a scale and the recipe book.

Specialty Inks: there are a few other options as well. Metallics are one, silvers, golds, and coppers are all doable, also there are waterbased inks for a softer feel and sometimes friendlier to the earth. More info on earth friendly inks will be available on the site soon...

With all this in mind ordering shirts or getting a quote should be quick and easy.