Welcome to Shiney Independent. I offer custom screen printing to local retail businesses at wholesale pricing.
Starting off I would like to introduce the business as it stands today. Everything that is here is done by myself, Justin Shiney. My goal as a business owner is to offer top quality screen printed goods, keep them reasonably priced, and make the ordering process as easy as possible for my customers.
I am a very open minded printer, willing to tackle any random printing jobs you can come up with.
Located in the heart of North Lawrence there is no need for suits and ties. Just bring your casual self and lets make some beautiful work.


Skate and Destroy

Skateboards. They're sick. Fun. and Dangerous. And I'll print them for you. I don't have too much to add to this, but the minimum order is 50. For a list of sizes and shapes email me. And full tip to tail graphics can't be done anymore. I have to limit printing to the area between the trucks, and under the trucks.