Welcome to Shiney Independent. I offer custom screen printing to local retail businesses at wholesale pricing.
Starting off I would like to introduce the business as it stands today. Everything that is here is done by myself, Justin Shiney. My goal as a business owner is to offer top quality screen printed goods, keep them reasonably priced, and make the ordering process as easy as possible for my customers.
I am a very open minded printer, willing to tackle any random printing jobs you can come up with.
Located in the heart of North Lawrence there is no need for suits and ties. Just bring your casual self and lets make some beautiful work.



Custom vehicle magnets are something I started printing solely due to Sign d'sign here in Lawrence. Now printing them on a regular basis I can offer sizes 18x24" or less. The Construction Del Sol pictured was a specialty job, printing 50" across it proved to be a little oversized, both for my printing capabilities, and the van. (we didn't take into account that water moisture would get trapped under something of such size and cause the paint to peel and rust underneath!) well, anyway, magnets are sweet.

Lawrence Recyclery

So don't normally do this but if its the off season and I'm feeling ambitious, and I like you, I might print your windows. This being my first window project, the two color design proved to not be the problem I thought it might. super stoked with the turn out!

postal paper???

Another Laura & Dan adventure. they wanted cheap, custom table runners for the wedding. so why not a 1000 ft roll of postal paper? Although time consuming to print this repeating moon phase over and over, its pretty cool. I won't say I wouldn't do it again. but it did take a near 8 hours of manually printing and drying with a heat gun, and rolling with my kayak paddle.


Wedding coasters! These I could print all day. simple and cheap. Available by packs of a hundred. 4" paper coasters. Sweet... When our friends Laura & Dan decided to have me print some things for their wedding this June, I had no idea the extent of it. Pleanty of fun stuff...


process printing

These are the types of projects I love working on. I just finished this for Revelation Tattoo in KC. This is all taken from a photograph of the original art piece. No scanners, and fancy software. Just a little time in photoshop and a couple of ink changes on press. Thanks John, this was a lot of fun!